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Royal Enfield Twins Forum (REFT) is a loosely moderated forum. By that it is meant that whilst we do have rules and expectations on user behaviour and we do moderate posts, we do not vet every post in advance, do not guarantee checking every post, and rely on users to help police themselves.

Nevertheless, the fact content is moderated means that RETF, is, to a degree, a Data Controller (because we do influence how Personal Data is treated on the site)- a position that carries with it a legal responsibility under the Data Protection Act to ensure the accuracy of such data. Due to the loose nature of the moderation of the site, that obligation does not extend to post-by-post checking of all personal data. However it does extend to having a clear and easily accessible policy for what is and isn't acceptable, and to offering an easy route for Data Subjects to request inaccurate data be corrected or removed.

Personal Data is defined as being any information by which a living individual can be identified (either with that information alone, or in conjunction with other information it might be reasonable to obtain). This could include names, addresses, usernames, phone numbers, number plates, job title & company etc.

REFT Data Protection Policy

* Users are permitted to post Personal Data on RETF. However, we encourage users to consider whether it is in the interest of the membership base that it is included.
* RETF reserve the right to remove (purely out of respect for the privacy of the data subject), any personal data deemed by the moderation team not to have been posted in the interest of the membership base.
* All statements of fact made in connection with personal data must be entirely accurate, and the person posting it should be able and prepared to defend that accuracy in the case of a dispute by the data subject.
* RETF operates a "no personal insults" policy generally amongst members, and encourages respectful dialogue. This policy also extends to the treatment of individuals not present on the forum but identified on the forum.
* Any Data Subjects (that is, the person being identified) have the right to request that the factual accuracy of any posts made about them be investigated (and following such investigation, a decision on whether the post needs to be amended, removed, or retained, will be taken). Such requests can be made by email to the

* Members' personal data supplied as part of the registration process is processed in accordance with the requirements of the DPA.